Nutritional Support & Customized Menu Plans

All nutrition options include a week-at-a-glance menu, recipes with cooking instructions, itemized shopping list, and 15 minute weekly recap and planning for following week phone call.

A personalized survey I created to evaluate each client's nutritional needs will be completed prior to any meal plan design.


Initial Strategy Session: $50/45 minutes (required, one time only)

Following our strategy session, you will select from the following:
Option 1: $50/week, 3 Meals + 1 dessert, 1 snack idea
Option 2: $70/week, 6 Meals + 2 desserts, 2 snack ideas
Option 3: $90/week, 9 Meals + 3 desserts, 3 snack ideas

A la Carte Option:

Kitchen Edit: $50/hour
Let's clean out your kitchen and I’ll educate you on why I make the recommendations I do during our time together. Your kitchen should be a happy and healthy place where the decisions made in that space support and promote good health and help you to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. 

Not local? I also offer virtual nutritional support and customized meal plans! Contact me for more details.