Join My Beautycounter Team!

Happy Friday everyone! I want to first share two, short yet amazing and powerful videos with you. Click on the titles below to view.



How did I decide to become a Beautycounter consultant?

In March of 2018 I made a very calculated decision when I added Beautycounter to my then Clean Living business. I have known for over ten years now that what we put on our skin (our body's largest organ!) and our children's skin every day can either heal or hurt you. The problem was that until discovering Beautycounter, I had yet to find a safe product that also worked and was effective! It was impossible! I decided to try the skin care line for aging skin (turning 40 last year was, quite literally, an eye-opener!) and I couldn't believe how quickly I started to see my eyes brighten and lines begin to dissipate on my face. I thought only chemical-filled skin care could do that! I then tried the makeup and I was officially in love. I just had to become a consultant and share this with everyone I knew!

Where am I now as a consultant?

As of last night, I have the official title of "Manager "with Beautycounter which means I've already promoted twice since becoming a consultant just over two months ago!!!! I never intended to talk to people about the business side of this; I really only wanted to be a resource, educate and share the message and products. After quickly experiencing, first hand, and then realizing the financial rewards in addition to the obvious and initial personal fulfillment, I came to the conclusion that I would be keeping an amazing opportunity from so many people who could also experience this by not sharing it with them.

I am now asking you: DO YOU WANT TO JOIN ME? Now is an amazing time because the normal $98 enrollment free is completely waived until June 7!!!!! (see image below of all you will get for FREE when signing up)

I am looking for passionate and motivated people who would like to work alongside of some amazing, classy, and educated women (and some men!) who want to make a difference. Please email me at if you would like to talk. I am so excited to share the opportunity and see if it is a fit for you!