Three Day Fast/Cleanse

Do you need a reset? I sure do! That is why I am starting my favorite, three day cleanse today. This is the fourth time I have done it and I cannot say enough amazing things about each experience. I do it not only for the physical benefits (weightloss!), but also for the mental clarity, gained energy, and better quality of sleep. Who wouldn't want those results?! There is also something so rewarding about setting my mind on completing a challenge and following through. It's like going out for a run or a walk and knowing you will feel so much better afterward even if it is hard to get out the door. Plus, the magic (MAJOR FAT BURN!!) starts to occur on day three so why stop before then?!

I blend three scoops with about twelve ounces of water and a couple ice cubes which really helps it to taste better (see ingredients's not a chocolate milkshake...but, for good reason!) . I have the first around 9:15am (because I'm not a huge breakfast eater and can wait that long), second around 12:15 when my youngest is eating lunch, third around 3:15 when all five of my kids are ravenous and eating snacks like crazy, and the last one around 5:15 or whenever we have dinner. Additionally, I drink a TON of water and herbals teas. I do still have coffee in the morning, but I switch to decaf. You can have a cup of regular coffee, but I just see this as an opportunity to completely cleanse. Oh, and you will want to have it black, but I do that anyway. The idea is that the ingredients in the fast were very intentionally selected so adding any additional foods/drinks/calories will not result in the same benefits gained from a complete, three day cleanse.

I like to hold myself accountable by doing it with buddy. I believe deeply in the improved success rates if you have another person to talk to, complain the first day when it's hard, talk about how excited you are to see the scale and measurements drop, etc. If you are interested and would like to try it with a group I am thinking about doing it again in June (I shoot for doing it once a month) and having a Facebook accountability group. Email me (see contact page) if you are interested! I have also linked the product below.

Wish me luck!